Hot and cold meals can be served to your child. Lunch is a cold meal and tea a hot meal, but this can always be negotiated depending on the hours in which your child attends.

Snacks are provided, these are included within the cost of the child care. See below for a weekly sample menu and my Healthy Eating Policy.


Monday:          Pork and apple casserole              Sunny Sundae

Tuesday:          Salmon & spinach pasta                Fruit dunkers

Wednesday:   Cottage Pie                                          Fruit sponge and custard

Thursday:       Homemade Pizza and Salad         Crème caramel

Friday:              Tuna fish cakes                                Banana custard


Baby milk must be provided by parents.

Full fat cow’s milk will be provided for under fives at parents’ request.

Water, no sugar squash or fruit juice will be provided for all children to drink with guidance sought as to parental preference for their child. No other drinks will be offered.

Snacks will be available. These will usually be a piece of fresh or dried fruit.

When sandwiches are offered they either contain or are served with salad. All hot meals contain or are served with a minimum of two vegetables.

No salt is added to meals either when cooking or at the table.

No foods are fried and when oil is necessary during the cooking process then only olive oil is used.

Puddings generally consist of a fruit based dish served alone or with custard.

Sweets and chocolates are not allowed, cake may be served on special occasions, for example a child’s birthday. We may choose baking as an activity and therefore bake chocolate crispie cakes etc but these are always sent home and not eaten on the premises so that they are under the parents control.

All children must wash their hands before starting a snack or meal. All children must sit at the dining room table (or garden table in nice weather) when eating or drinking. A high chair is available.