Important Information For Parents


Suntan cream must be applied to your child before entry to a session, if cream is sent with the child we are happy to re apply it or allow the child to, subject to parental permission.  All children will use sun cream regardless of their skin colour.

Change of clothes

Children are welcome to bring a change of clothes should they wish to change into something more comfortable or practical after school. These should be clearly labelled. Please provide hats, scarves and gloves for cold weather.  Sun hats must be provided for the summer, if there is no sun hat then the child will not be permitted to go in the garden on very sunny days.

Aprons will be provided for art and craft activity and cookery sessions.


In the event of a child falling ill then please arrange to collect your child as soon as possible. Your child is prohibited from returning to the child minding setting for 48hrs following the last bout of sickness and or diaorrhea. If there is illness within the childminders home then I will inform you as soon as possible so that should you wish to find alternative child care you have time to do so. You are welcome to send your child to me if I am able to care for them but should the illness be passed to your child then please remember that your child is still prohibited from the setting for 48hours following their illness.