Toys & Activities

For all children under 5, I follow the EYFS guidelines to learning. You can be assured that all activities I offer your child have an aspect of learning. All activities are undertaken with fun as the primary importance and all children have access to a vast selection of different toys. All activities and toys are age appropriate. I have a separate toy store and playroom dedicated to child minding. The list of toys / activities includes:

Colouring Play-Doh Sticking Dressing Up
Puzzles Dancing Learning Games Painting
Baking Messy Play Singing Musical Instruments

I have a large back garden with a double swing, slide and den, trampoline, playhouse and a built in covered sand pit.

We also visit local shops to learn about the different shops and what they sell and visit the library to borrow books that we can bring home and read.

We will talk about and discuss various religious festivals and centre some activities around them, making Christmas cards, Easter nests and Diwali lanterns etc. We will also learn about our environment and the world around us.